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Process Innovation at Station-Centric Clinics(Part 2 of 2)

Tetsuya Tanimoto, M.D. Physician,

Medical Governance Research Institute

In alignment with this innovative approach, "Collabo Clinic," a pilot facility, was launched in November 2006 at the Shinjuku Station West Exit as a venture of the University of Tokyo, under the guidance of Mr. Suzuki and the participation of students from a university-wide seminar. Capitalizing on the insights gained, we expanded our network to Tachikawa Station in June 2008, followed by Kawasaki Station and East-Nakano Station in 2012. After receiving corporate establishment approval from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2013, we strategically relocated the East-Nakano clinic to Shinjuku Station in 2016, marking our growth trajectory(To be continued).

Our medical team comprises approximately ten full-time doctors, many of whom previously collaborated with Dr. Kami at the University of Tokyo Medical Science, and affiliates of the Medical Governance Research Institute. Additionally, a cadre of part-time physicians from premier urban university hospitals and major medical centers in Tokyo and Kanagawa complement our staff. The recent trend of experienced doctors, including emeritus university professors and former hospital chiefs, seeking post-retirement engagement has added depth to our medical expertise, with our accessible location being a compelling factor in their continued professional contributions.

With a monthly footfall exceeding 10,000 visitors, our operations are robust, underpinned by the support of esteemed individuals such as Mr. Kiichi Ohtani, President of Ain Holdings, Ms. Yumiko Kamada, former President of JR East Station Retailing, Mr. Yoshiaki Arai, former Vice President of JR East, and Mr. Ryosuke Tsuchiya, Chairman of the School Corporation Kokusai Gakuen Seisa Group, to whom we are deeply grateful.

Our objective is to fortify the management of our organization, placing the public's interest at the forefront, broadening our business scope, and elevating the level of patient care. In this vein, we have enlisted the expertise of Mr. Kunihito Onohara, Representative Director of Rectas, Mr. Kazuo Ueda, tax accountant of Ueki Tax Accountant Corporation, and Mr. Toshihiko Atarashi, former bureaucrat of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and former Cabinet Legislation Bureau, now Representative Director of Khranos, individuals with distinguished backgrounds, to further our mission.

Our ethos revolves around process innovation in the delivery of medical services, rather than product innovation. We view research and development and the nurturing of emerging talent as the foundational pillars of our enterprise. Demonstrative of our commitment was the successful execution of an intensive influenza vaccination campaign on Sunday and holiday at the end of November, facilitated by our dedicated staff. We are determined to maintain and extend such health service initiatives in the future.

This article was originally published in Japanese in Iyakukeizai (Pharmaceuticals and Economics) on December 1, 2023.


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