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Author Guidelines


0. The articles are accepted only in English.


1. Themes
-    Any topics related to health care, in particular:
        Local health issues and personal experiences which are rarely seen in newspapers and magazines.
        Fact-based arguments that will draw in a wide range of readers.
        Please avoid fabrication, falsification and plagiarism when writing your manuscript.
        Please obtain permission for reproducing any parts of articles that have been published already and list the original source

2. General Preparation Instructions
-    Ideas and/or topics for articles are advised to be discussed in advance with the editorial team. Please send an inquiry at
-    Publication fees are not charged.

-    The manuscript should include a title, author(s)' information, main text, references in Microsoft Word Document.

     Please do not send the manuscript as a PDF.

-    Figures should be submitted in both word documents and as a separate JPEG file. 

-    For author(s)' information, please clearly state the names of author(s) and affiliation.

-    There is no word limit. However, the initial draft should be concise with approximately 500-1,000 words in English.
        Longer articles may be divided into a series.
        Please avoid scholarly jargon and use easily understandable words and expressions. MRIC Global is NOT an academic journal,

           but requires a casual publication style for the general public.

-   The reference can be in any style or format as long as the style is consistent throughout the article.

3. Languages
-    We will publish accepted articles in English.


4. Review process
-    Review will be completed within a few days.
-    Editors may suggest improvements for your draft when appropriate.


5. Declaration of competing interests
-    Our newsletter is not for profit. Please disclose your conflict-of-interests if you refer to a specific product, such as a drug.


6. Publication
-    Articles will be published approximately 30 days after acceptance. 
-    Accepted articles may be featured in other web-based media, such as the Huffington Post, and may also be translated into Japanese and

     published in Japanese web-based media including the MRIC newsletter.

Your submission has been received.

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