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Dr. Tsubokura's Radiation Lecture Vol.95

Author: Masaharu Tsubokura Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo 189. The daily average radiation exposure from space accounts for half of the annual radiation exposure on Earth The previous article explained that natural radiation comes from not only radioactive substances in rocks and soil but also from outer space. This radiation reaching Earth from the universe is called cosmic rays. Our exposure to cosmic rays is very low and unlikely to cause any adverse health effects at the ground level. This is because the atmosphere surrounding the Earth shields it from cosmic rays and provides natural protection against high energetic radiation, meaning the dose of cosmic rays increases at great

Dr. Tsubokura's Radiation Lecture Vol.94

Author: Masaharu Tsubokura Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo 187. Cosmic rays pour down on Earth from outer space The impact of radiation on health is determined by the extent of radiation exposure, not by whether one received any radiation exposure. Although the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident widely dispersed radioactive substances and caused nuclear contamination, we have always been exposed to natural radiation to some extent, even before the disaster. It is well known that natural radiation is emitted from radioactive substances in soil and rocks. In addition to natural radiation from soil, about 100 years ago, it was discovered that natural radiation reaches the Ea

Dr. Tsubokura's Radiation Lecture Vol.93

Author: Masaharu Tsubokura Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo 185. Accumulation of knowledge concerning radiation protection Since the discovery of X-rays by Dr. Rontgen at the end of the 19th century, significant advances were made in radiation technology. In the meantime, knowledge concerning the effects of radiation on the human body also gradually accumulated. A report regarding X-ray dermatitis was published in 1896, the same year as Dr. Becquerel’s discovery of radiation from uranium. Furthermore, the association between radiation, skin cancer and leukemia was first reported in the early 20th century. Also noted in the 1920s were radiation exposure and related adverse health effec

Dr. Tsubokura's Radiation Lecture Vol.92

Author: Masaharu Tsubokura Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo 183. Polonium is found in seafood Owing to the achievements of scientists such as Becquerel, Curie, and Rontgen, radiation-related research has made significant advancements since the end of 19th century. Various radioactive substances, such as radioactive potassium and uranium, are present in almost everything, including in our bodies, the soil, and the air. After the discovery of radiation from uranium by Henri Becquerel in 1896, various other radioactive substances have been discovered. Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre Curie, discovered an ore that emits more radiation than metallic uranium. Later, they successfully ext

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