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MRIC & MRIC Global Essay Contest Results

We would like to express our gratitude for this fantastic opportunity to present our recent activities and describe the great success of the MRIC Global (Medical Research Information Centre)Essay Contest. The theme of this contest was “International Comparison of Healthcare Systems,” and the participants—medical practitioners and students from all over the world—shared their passionate perspectives on the topic.

We received 13 entries from 8 countries, the MRIC Global editorial team (Akihiko Ozaki, M.D.; Asaka Higuchi, R.N.; and Yuki Senoo) selected the 5 best essays after careful deliberation. Andy Crump—a research biologist who has been reporting on all aspects of global health for over 30 years, including work with The Lancet and Nature—then evaluated these 5 essays.

All of these essays impressed the judges, as they were from the frontlines of the medical field and demonstrated prospects for future developments in the health care system through discussions of local contexts. After much careful consideration, we are delighted to share the winners of the 2018 MRIC & MRIC Global Essay Contest!

The prize winners received their awards on November 24, 2018, at a ceremony that took place during our organization's annual symposium, Medical Reform Promoting Practical Solutions from the Field. Below, we also share the prize winners' messages from this ceremony.