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Why French is so hard? – My favorite video creator Loic Suberville

Author: Chiharu Kawasaki

Have you ever started learning French but gave up because of too many diacritics or subtle pronunciation differences between “ou” and “u”? Well, I have. For those who like me or whoever speaks or learns French, I have a recommendation of a video creator who never fails you to entertain.

Loic Suberville is a French actor/TikTok creator, and his videos are my favorite way to kill time these days. As he mainly posts on TikTok, his video is short, and most of his videos are within 1 min. But still, it contains a story, and you can learn a little bit of French. He plays four different characters by himself; he is indeed an actor who looks like an entirely other person even though he is wearing the exact same iconic denim jacket. Oh, now you wonder what does he play?

He plays languages. He anthropomorphizes English, French, sometimes Spanish, and Universal Language so well. I’m astonished by his observant eyes and skills in interpreting. The mannerism of every character and accent is very accurate. And what he’s pointing out in his videos titled "French makes no sense" are the points that learners find difficult, and you can definitely relate to them, like “How PERSONNE can mean both PERSON and NOBODY when those two are opposites?” Ugh, French is too hard.

Every language has its uniqueness, and it is often described as complex or nonsense. I think the process of learning languages is realizing what you call nonsense makes so much sense to other people. You need to learn to see things from different perspectives to make nonsense into sense in your world. I assume that work of mind grows your imagination and helps you to be more thoughtful to others. I myself speak English and Spanish and spent loads of time learning them and I believe broadening the horizon of your mind through foreign languages is meaningful.

Don’t you have TikTok on your phone? Don’t worry. He posts his videos on both YouTubes Shorts and Instagram as well, so check him out there! He will crack you up for sure. I will give you a tip to enjoy more and learn more. Go to the comments and read them through! You might want to start or restart your journey with the French language after you watch his videos.


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