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Promoting Career Development for Young Internists at Jyoban Hospital: Cultivating Talent with a Global Perspective

Akihiko Ozaki, M.D., Ph.D. Physician at the Medical Governance Research Institute

Jyoban Hospital is a medical institution located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. We are currently enhancing our internal medicine department as our organization has been expanding and continuing its efforts with a focus on developments in Fukushima and the global scene. Several projects are already underway.

In our quest to cultivate future talent, we would like to introduce the opportunities at our hospital and earnestly seek the support of as many doctors as possible through this message.

Here are three key points for career development at Jyoban Hospital. We invite young doctors interested in advancing their careers and expanding their skills to join us in improving medical care in Japan. We are eagerly awaiting your contact.

Three Advantages of Working at Jyoban Hospital for Young Professionals

  1. Numerous Opportunities for Young Doctors: Extensive case experience, promotion to positions of responsibility

  2. Aggressive Management by the President: A young organization, enthusiastic about the adoption of cutting-edge equipment

  3. Diverse Career Paths Offered: From basic to epidemiological research


  1. Numerous Opportunities for Young Doctors: Jyoban Hospital, with its 240 beds, takes on the role of a secondary emergency hospital in Iwaki City, bolstering local healthcare services. In 2018, at the age of 33 and in my 8th year as a doctor, I was entrusted with establishing the breast surgery department here. Today, we conduct around 150 surgeries annually for breast and thyroid, growing to become one of the leading hospitals in Fukushima for these procedures.

  2. Aggressive Management by the President: Another significant factor for the ample opportunities available to young doctors is the proactive management style of our president, Shunji Tokiwai. Since taking over the hospital's management from Iwaki City in 2010, and particularly after acquiring the debt-ridden Iwaki Central Hospital in 2019, we have been successfully navigating our way through rebuilding. Both organizations are relatively young, creating an environment where chances frequently arise for young professionals.

  3. Diverse Career Paths Offered: Besides clinical practice, Jyoban Hospital is also vibrant with academic activities. Under the guidance of Shigeaki Kato, a former professor at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, our Advanced Medical Research Center (RIIM) has been established, housing doctors who are engaged in research while still practicing clinically.

In Conclusion

Your contribution is vital as we aim to further develop our organization in Fukushima and on a global scale. Would you like to work with us in Iwaki?

Please consider visiting Iwaki first. It boasts the longest sunshine hours in Japan and enjoys a mild climate without snow. It’s about 2 hours from Tokyo Station/Ueno Station by the Joban Line. While daily commuting may prove challenging, many opt for a weekend commute between Tokyo and Iwaki. I am among those who find this dual-life arrangement surprisingly comfortable and greatly beneficial for career expansion. I look forward to sharing more with you.

Come and see our workplace and discuss with us in person. We believe this will help you envision a new way of working as a doctor and how you might build your career. Casual inquiries are also welcome.

This article is a translation of Japanese MRIC published on Dec 11, 2023


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