PODCAST: The many faces of disability

Authors:Carol Rivas and Ikuko Tomomatsu

This post was originally published by the Evidence & Policy blog on 24th September, 2021.

This podcast is based on the special issue of Evidence & Policy ‘‘The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice: embracing complexity.


Carol Rivas and Ikuko Tomomatsu

In this episode of the Transforming Society Podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Carol Rivas and Ikuko Tomomatsu, two of the guest editors of a special issue of Evidence & PolicyThe many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice: embracing complexity’.

They discuss the problems with current representations of disability, recent examples of policy that has failed disabled people and the changes that could be made so people with disabilities can be better supported and allowed to participate in policy making.


Reproduced with permission from Transforming Society.


You can read the original research in Evidence & Policy:

Rivas, Carol; Tomomatsu, Ikuko and Gough David (Eds.) (2021). The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice [Special Issue], Evidence & Policy.


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