Maximising research impact through open access publishing

Author: Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor in Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby

This post was originally published by the Derby University Blog on 24th October 2017.


We have re-issued the article that has already been published by the Derby University Blog. We would like to express gratitude to the kind offer of the editorial board of the Derby University Blog.

Dr William Van Gordon,

William Van Gordon, lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby Online Learning talks about open access publishing and tells us how he publishes research to maximise impact.

Why is open access important?

I chose to become an academic psychologist to improve the way human beings think, live, and interact with each other and with the world around them. I deem it important that my research helps to advance scientific understanding, improve human functioning, or challenge existing modes of thought. In short, the primary reason I undertake research is to make an impact.

From the point of view of conducting scientific research, there are two key considerations with regards to making an impact. The first is applying intelligence in the design and conducting of ethically sound research that effectively addresses a problem or knowledge gap. However, the most meaningful empirical findings or a novel approach to conducting research mean very little if they are not widely communicated. Consequently, the second key consideration when seeking to make an impact is ensuring that research findi