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The impact of holding a Japanese visa as a Moroccan citizen

Author: Karim Moutchou

Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo

In August 2018, I was honored to be invited to Japan by the MRIG group for 3 weeks. In my previous articles here (My clinical exchange experience in Japan, Visit to Fukushima Prefecture), I detailed the main goals of that tour and what I learned. It was a great pleasure to learn at Juntendo University Hospital and Kobe Medical Center and visit institution near Fukushima. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised that my trip’s positive impact continued for a long time after that because of the Japanese visa that allowed me to enter the country.

I am Moroccan, and the Henley Passport Index ranks our country’s passport as one of the weakest worldwide. A passport’s strength is measured by the number of countries that a holder can enter without a pre-delivered visa. For example, a Moroccan passport holder such as myself can visit fewer than 70 countries without a visa.

In contrast, Japanese passport holders can visit over 170 countries without a visa, which is the largest of any passport worldwide. For this reason, Japan ranks first in the He