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MRIC Global Essay Contest 2nd Prize Winning Essay: Gaps and disparities in healthcare between past c

Author: Karim Moutchou


   The majority of current healthcare systems were implemented during the 20th century, at the same time that colonizing countries were in charge of colonies in Africa, Asia, and South America. This situation made healthcare systems in the colonies not only defective but also dependent on and in service of the colonizers. In this article, we compare Morocco’s healthcare situation with the situation in France.

Historical context

   Since 800 AD, Morocco’s successive empires took great interest in science. The country was one of the main scientific poles of the Arabic enlightenment period. For decades Morocco rose as one of the leaders in various scientific fields, and the first medical university in history was created in Fez, the historical capital of the country. The Moroccan government and historians believe that it was where the first medical degree was delivered (1).