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"MRIC & MRIC Global Essay Contest: International comparison of health care system"

During the last nine months, since Medical Research Information Center has started to launch an online healthcare newsletter called MRIC Global, we published a total of 31articles. A majority of contributors were healthcare professionals, and they shared unique episodes related to healthcare systems in their countries. Others also illustrated the remarkable experiences they had by observing different health care systems in foreign countries.

Both types of stories from the frontline of medical fields were impressive. It once again exhibited that the healthcare system could develop, reflecting various local contexts, including health burden, availability of human and medical resources, and cultural and historical backgrounds. In this respect, we believe that readers, as well as we editors, could learn lots of insights from these essays.

As a part of attempts promoting such communications, we are pleased to announce our upcoming Essay Contest. The theme of the contest is "Comparison of healthcare systems between countries and regions." We welcome submissions from all over the world as well as from those not involved in healthcare.


1. The work must be original and should not have been published elsewhere.

2. Copyright of the submitted essays will be assigned to the MRIC Global, and after the contest, essays may be published in MRIC Global and/or MRIC (Japanese version of the MRIC Global).

3. Essays must be submitted in English or Japanese. Essays must be 800 words or less in English, and 1600 characters or less in Japanese.

4. Essays must be submitted on email. posting place:

5. The deadline of submissions will be November 10, 2018.

6. Awards: First prize of 50,000 yen (450 USD) for one person, Outstanding prize of 10,000 yen (90 USD) for three

Board of review:

In-house members

Akihiko Ozaki, Asaka Higuchi, Yuki Seno, and Tetsuya Tanimoto

External reviewers

We will announce eternal reviewers in due course.

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