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Author: Masaharu Tsubokura M.D., PhD.

Editor: Yudai Kaneda

323  More Realistic Report

April 17, 2021

International organizations overseas have released evaluation reports on radiation exposure and its health effects due to the recent nuclear. The most representative of these is the report from the United Nations Commission on Safety and Health (UNSCEAR), which released its latest version as the "2020 Report" last month and concluded that it was unlikely that health effects such as increased cancer would be seen in the future as a direct result of exposure.

There are two types of exposure: external exposure and internal exposure. In the report, for example, the exposure dose for internal exposure is described as follows: the amount of contamination in food is XX becquerels, and if you eat about XX grams of that in a meal per day, your exposure dose is XX sievert, or the amount of radioactive materials in the air immediately after the accident is XX becquerels, and the amount of air you breathe is about XX liters, therefore your exposure dose is XX sievert.