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The role of psychiatric and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug overdoses in adolescent suicide atte

Author: Laura Bajāre 1, Katrīna Krieviņa 1, Ieva Šlēziņa 1, Dana Augustova 1, Dace Osīte-Kovaļova 1

Trustee: Ivars Veģeris 2

Institution: 1 Student, Riga Stradins University / 2 Anaesthesiologist/Reanimatologist, Riga Children’s Clinical University Hospital

Editor: Akihiko Ozaki, M.D., Yuki Senoo

Doctors in Latvia face the problem of rising self-harm rates among children. At Riga Children’s Clinical University Hospital, at least a few children are admitted to the emergency room with intentional self-harm every month. According to a recent report, Latvia has 1.9 million citizens in 2018 with the median age of 43.6. Although the proportion of adolescent aged between 15- 29 years old was 9.45% in 2018, which is similar to th