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Dr. Tsubokura's Radiation Lecture Vol.20

Author: Masaharu Tsubokura

Editors: Akihiko Ozaki M.D., Yuki Senoo

39. Radiation exposure and the health of Sami ethnics

The previous article explained that after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, the consumption of reindeer meat, which is a type of food easily contaminated with radiation, resulted in increased internal exposure among people of Sami ethnicity.

All of the surveys that investigated the cancer risk of the Sami ethnic group showed that they have lower cancer risk and cancer mortality rates than other populations.These results do not indicate that radiation exposure would be good for your health or that we can tolerate a high level of radiation.

However, the results of these surveys suggest the importance of sustaining an ordinary, stable routine to maintain health.The reason that we advise you to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure is to maintain good health, but a healthy life is not achieved through only a reduction of radiation exposure.