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Debunking the myth -Brain tumours can be treated in Nepal with results comparable to developed count

Author: Gopal Sedain M.D.,

Assistant professor of neurosurgery at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

Jun 17, 2018-I frequently encounter patients who come to me complaining of headache. Many times, the most important concern is not the headache but whether there is some underlying problem inside the brain, a brain tumour. With advances in diagnostics and management technology, the risks have substantially been lessened. A brain tumour may arise from the brain which is called primary, or it may have spread from the lungs, breast or intestine which is called secondary. We seldom know why one person has a tumour and the other doesn’t. Studies have shown that ionising radiation (high dose X-rays, CT scans) can cause cell damage and lead to brain tumours. This is why we discourage people from getting unnecessary scans. Research is being done to find out whether using cell phones, having a head trauma or being exposed to chemicals or magnetic fields are risk factors.