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English Announcement of Results: The release of four new papers on post-disaster Fukushima Prefectur

Author: Claire Leppold

Editor: Akihiko Ozaki

My name is Claire Leppold, and I work with Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital, collaborating with Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura and his team while supporting the research efforts in this area. This mailing list was established as a method of spreading the newest research from post-disaster Fukushima, and today I write to announce the results of four new research publications.

The first article, Radiation oncology and related oncology fields in the face of the 2011 “triple disaster” in Fukushima, Japan, provides an overview of what happened in radiation oncology and related oncology healthcare in the immediate and mid- to long-term aftermath of the triple disaster, with a focus on the Soso district of Fukushima. This commentary article in one of the top journals for the field of radiation oncology suggests the importance of comprehensively reporting the ways in which disasters may impact cancer care to achieve better preparedness for any future events, and starts by raising the example of what we have seen so far in Fukushima.