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Author: Akihiko Ozaki M.D.,PhD.

Hello, this is Akihiko Ozaki, the editor-in-chief of the MRIC Global.

In this editorial, I would like to introduce an article written by Dr. Sophie Williams of the University of Derby, UK, which discusses tips related to returning to work following maternity leave from a view of performance psychology. What makes this article more compelling is that she herself is a working mother who has just returned from maternity leave!

I believe that this article is important given that the number of people who come back to work after childbirth continues to increase worldwide, with three out of four mothers now returning to work.

Sophie, referring to the advice of a colleague who is a specialist in performance psychology, says that the following four elements are important and briefly discusses them in her article: 1) Be where your feet are; 2) What if, then what?; 3) Know your support structure; and 4) Manage your expectations.

In summary, she explained about the importance of preparing for possible changes, counting on available resources around us, as well as the importance of not holding expectations too high to make things roll without putting ourselves too much burden.

As soon as I’ve read this article, I shared it with my wife, trying my best to make myself become the “fifth element” to reduce her burden.


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