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Use of an iconic grid instrument at a special education school in Japan for the musical engagement o

Authors: Yutaka Nakanish (1), Shingo Okada (1), Shizuka Sutani (2), Taichi Akutsu (1, 3)

Affiliations: (1) Shujitsu University, Okayama, Japan; (2) Okayama University, Okayama, Japan; (3) Seisa University,Kanagawa, Japan

Editors: Motoi Miura, Akihiko Ozaki

1. Introduction

Music technology is defined as a tool to support musical instruction, communication and performance (Hoffer, 2009), and it has been suggested that it may deliver a tremendous impact on and positively influence the way we define music and music education, when used effectively (Frankel, 2010).