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Dear Readers,


We are pleased to announce the launch of MRIC Global, the English version of the MRIC newsletter.


Since 2004, the Tokyo-based Medical Research Information Center (MRIC) has published a daily e-mail newsletter in Japanese. This newsletter, which covers a broad range of medical topics, has reached over 50,000 readers throughout Japan, drawing attention to medical and public health issues that are underrepresented in the existing mass media. To further advance these efforts, we have decided to launch MRIC Global, the English version of the MRIC newsletter. As with the MRIC newsletter, we plan to call for contributions regarding medical and public health issues from both Japan and overseas and to distribute them worldwide. Please subscribe for free at


Welcome remarks: The launch of MRIC Global


Editor-in-Chief: Akihiko Ozaki, M.D., Ph.D>


In recent years, with the advancement of medical and general technologies, people have come to live healthier and more convenient lives than ever before. However, many medical issues, such as medical drug lag, medical ethics, climate change, and air pollution, are difficult for single countries to solve or mitigate. As such, stakeholders must connect across borders to establish an international platform for cooperation.


Within this context, we are launching MRIC Global. As with the MRIC newsletter, MRIC Global will proactively address and disseminate information on all types of health topics, but it will do so internationally. In particular, we intend to focus on important health issues that are underrepresented in the existing mass media, as we have always done in the MRIC newsletter. Through this process, we intend to connect relevant stakeholders and promote collaboration between them. We hope readers will be inspired by suggestions from this newsletter to tackle health issues that they observe around them.


Our newsletter is not an academic journal. We will target a wide range of readers, from the general public to experts, to introduce opinions, news, and summaries of and commentaries about academic papers. We plan to publish articles by e-mail every 1-2 weeks. Subscription is free.


Unlike existing open-access journals, we will not charge a publication fee. Please refer to the detailed submission rules at the following link: 


We look forward to many contributions from our readers.

This is a mail magazine for international medical articles. Anyone can join us. Register below!

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