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Current Status of MRIC Global

Authot:Akihiko Ozaki M.D.,

Editor-in-chief of MRIC Global

Omachi Hospital, Physician

In December 2017, we launched the e-zine newsletter MRIC Global, an English version of the MRIC newsletter. The aim of the MRIC newsletter has been to disseminate under-represented but important health issues to the general public in Japan. MRIC Global shares this goal. It covers a variety of social and medical topics with the general public as the target audience.

With all due respect, I serve as Editor-in-Chief. Over the past six months, I faced many challenges, and my job was a continuous process of trial and error. Thanks to support from team members and others, we have successfully worked through this transitional period. Additionally, editorial policy and logistics have improved. At this point, I’d like to explain the current status of MRIC Global.

The uniqueness of our editorial team is that it is chiefly composed of young members. All members but Dr. Tetsuya Tanimoto, our supervisor, and I, are digital native. Every member activates MRIC Global with their own unique personalities and skills, and all are reliable.